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Who Is Jovanny Castillo?

I'm just a musico obsessed with corridos, entrepreneurship and self-development.

For the longest time, I felt lost.

I was just doing what society (aka my parents) told me to do.

I ended up going to college because that was what was expected of me, but I could never decide on my major, the thing I had to do for "the rest of my life."

Later on, I was able to create my first 6-figure business off following the advice of the "business matrix."

Find a hungry crowd, make a product for them, and make content to promote that product or service for the rest of your life.

More restrictions, fuck...

I just wanted to continue doing what I loved and strive to keep growing and developing my skills. I don't ever want to feel trapped by "my niche" and want to continue to develop my content, brand, and services as I grow as a human being.

Now I do just that and help other humans do the same.

If you are feeling lost like I did, let me provide the clarity you need.

Click here to book a FREE 30-Minute call with me to help you break free of confinement and make money doing what you love.

Talk to you soon.

-Jovanny Castillo